Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Depression & Anxiety



"The support I have gotten from Kim has helped me to better understand myself and the dynamics of my relationships. Therapy has changed and improved the way I handle feelings of stress, anxiety and self-criticism. Kim is a talented and compassionate counselor."


"Through my therapy sessions with Kim, I have been able to identify the root of my anxieties and empower myself to begin to find positive answers to my negative behaviors. Our work together has helped strengthen my self-esteem, develop a heightened sense of personal awareness and promote a lasting feeling of hope and revitalization."


"Kim helped my husband and I to strengthen our communication and understanding of each other’s drives/motivations. Our relationship has improved by leaps and bounds due to the couples therapy she led us through."


"Kim has really been instrumental in not only helping to rebuild our relationship, but also by bringing us closer together than we ever were."


"You can really tell that Kim has a passion for helping others."


"My wife and I are much happier now that we understand each other. We wouldn’t have been able to do that without Kim’s guidance."


"Kim is very compassionate and empathetic to your needs and really does a good job of finding out what’s not working right and working on making it better."


"As a single parent of two children Kim helped our family improve our communication skills which has greatly improved the quality of our life."